Win the Battle Against IT Tool Sprawl

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RedMonocle delivers immediate insights and big wins across your technology portfolio

Save up to 15% of tool costs

  • Find money to fund innovation and transformation
  • Invest in tools that will deliver maximum value
  • Consolidate and divest tools to drive down costs

Identify gaps and overlaps

  • Eliminate tool redundancies
  • Identify gaps in coverage
  • Know which tools to add, retire, replace, consolidate

Invest in the right tools to power your business

  • Better align investments in tools with current and emerging needs
  • Prepare your organization for digital transformation
  • Perform “what-if” scenarios for new tools

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With RedMonocle, you'll know exactly what your tools cost and how well they're meeting your needs.

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Features & Functionality

RedMonocle puts meaningful analytics into the hands of the decision makers

Innovate At Will

Evaluate current tools and your readiness to manage emerging technologies. Prepare to execute digital transformation strategies like cloud...big data...DevOps...AI...and more.

Gain Real-Time Visibility

See costs for your current infrastructure and operations portfolio (by functional areas) and capabilities of your deployed tools. Assess how well IT tools are meeting your needs and how effectively they're being used.

Eliminate Gaps and Overlaps

Quickly identify tools that can be optimized, replaced, eliminated, or consolidated to reduce costs. Divest overlaps, fill gaps, identify underutilized tools and address unmet needs.

Conduct What-if Analysis

Compare current scenario with future options and to see opportunities. Create what-if scenarios to demonstrate the impact of bringing new products into the portfolio.

Manage Security Risks

Gain full access to the RedMonocle Knowledge Base to manage your infrastructure, operations, and security tools requirements, as well as to mitigate the risks of non-current versions.

Perform Continuous Review Cycles

Conduct IT portfolio reviews on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to ensure your data is current. Leverage automated workflows and reminders to keep your portfolio knowledge base up to date.