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DevOps Tool Sprawl, Part 3: Using RedMonocle to Optimize the DevOps Toolchain

June 4, 2019

Our first and second blog posts explored how a lack of operational visibility into a DevOps tool portfolio’s capabilities, gaps, overlaps, and costs risks hamstringing the very efficiencies that an organizational transformation toward DevOps methods seeks to generate.

We conclude this series by looking at how the right management tool, purposefully developed to tackle tool sprawl and optimize a DevOps tool portfolio.  In challenging enterprise technology environments, the right management tool can deliver the detailed, real-time operational intelligence IT leaders need to eliminate sprawl in route to true DevOps toolchain rationalization. These DevOps portfolio management capabilities need to support detailed insights across development teams and business units to successfully facilitate the transformation toward a fully rationalized DevOps strategy.

Comprehensive analysis of the current DevOps tool portfolio is an essential foundation for transforming an enterprise-scale DevOps toolchain. This knowledge helps identify capability gaps and overlaps in the current toolchain (both within development teams and across the organization). This analysis allows IT leaders to optimize their DevOps tools and eliminate unnecessary DevOps tools, improving cost management and building room in the budget to address any capability gaps identified.

To truly rationalize and optimize DevOps tools planning, capability assessment features need to be accompanied by detailed cost analytics that cover both current and alternative scenarios for the enterprise DevOps toolchain. This cost analysis is essential for ensuring that IT has the ability to not just optimize today’s DevOps portfolio, but conduct detailed planning in support of longer-term goals for development teams.

RedMonocle: Optimizing DevOps Tools

RedMonocle was purpose built to tackle tool sprawl, offering powerful, dynamic features that facilitate real-time insight into DevOps tooling—the insight IT leaders need to lead a value-driven transformation of their enterprise’s DevOps strategy.

By using the RedMonocle platform, IT leaders gain access to the extensive RedMonocle knowledge base of thousands of DevOps products (in addition to other core enterprise tooling clusters).

This knowledge base transforms a process involving months of manual work, countless spreadsheets, and input from dev teams across the organization to a simple, minutes-long process overseen through a single interface.

With this sort of intelligence in place, identifying optimization opportunities becomes dramatically simpler. The RedMonocle platform even provides real-time recommendations based on your organization’s specific needs, gaps, and overlaps. Requirements and tools capabilities can be managed in hours rather than weeks, letting skilled professionals focus on solving problems rather than maintaining capabilities documentation (at a fraction of the cost).

Detailed costing analysis is baked in to the platform, allowing managers to quickly analyze both current spending and alternative toolchain scenarios that could fulfill the organization’s DevOps goals.

Collectively, these features provide enterprise IT leaders with the capabilities they need to solve the DevOps tool sprawl problem once and for all—saving money now and unlocking a superior development methodology for years to come. Through a single real-time analytics dashboard, IT leaders can identify coverage gaps and overlaps, optimize tool utilization and performance, and consolidate tools to reduce costs.