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How Customers Realized Immediate Value with RedMonocle

June 20, 2019

A Customer Onboarding Story: Using RedMonocle to instantly see their IT Tool Portfolio

From our previous blog posts on IT tool sprawl and tools rationalization, we learned how organizations often have unnecessary redundancy and spend in their IT monitoring tool portfolios, leaving IT leaders guessing at the value provided by their investment. For IT leaders to rationalize their tool portfolios, they currently resort to manually creating an assessment of their existing tool portfolio.  These efforts can take weeks and months, and become quickly outdated, even during the time the assessment is being compiled.

With the time required to perform a manual tools rationalization effort, organizations are not be able to glean an immediate understanding, let alone business value.  

Streamlining the Process of IT Tools Rationalization

Setting up a new platform or system always seems like a daunting task of time and effort.  However, RedMonocle iss purpose-built to help customers ramp up to quickly and gain value from their investment.  

RedMonocle streamlines the level of effort needed to onboard, combining information from the RedMonocle KnowledgeBase with an easy-to-use user interface.  Users can get up and running quickly, seeing an instant snapshot of their tools portfolio.  

Recently, RedMonocle worked with a customer to onboard their tool portfolio onto the RedMonocle platform.  In an effort that would normally take weeks to complete, RedMonocle and the customer team accomplished in a matter of hours.  

To get started, the customer and RedMonocle conducted an inventory to set up their IT tool portfolio, building a list of specific products including vendor, version and cost information.  Next, in a 2-day Workshop, RedMonocle met with the customer’s Requirements and Product owners. They reviewed and selected current requirements and product capabilities, while also capturing any new requirements or capabilities to be measured with the RedMonocle KnowledgeBase.  

At the completion of the Workshop, the customer reviewed and finalized over 700 requirements for 5 key functional areas.  Additionally, nearly two dozen products had been entered along with over 800 capabilities for the products. In total, this setup Workshop required only 48 hours and a handful of individuals from the customer.  

Using RedMonocle, the customer can now quickly assess their tool portfolio.  Under normal circumstances, a team of 5 individuals might have spent 4-6 weeks full-time to manually collect and document the information (or 1,120 working hours total).  In a fraction of the time, RedMonocle helped set up their requirements and product capabilities to have real-time visibility into their IT portfolio.  

With RedMonocle, customers can quickly see their coverage gaps and redundancies, optimize tool utilization and performance, and consolidate tools to reduce costs.  Also, RedMonocle can be used to evaluate new tooling acquisitions, assessing the new tool capabilities against the current portfolio to determine the coverage and performance.  

To learn how to optimize your IT tools portfolio, watch the video and see how RedMonocle can align tool investment, delivering immediate value that leads to realized savings.