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How IT Leaders Can Harness Their IT Architecture

February 4, 2020

It’s a new decade, and the 2020 tagline is 20/20 vision and clarity for the future. There couldn’t be a better time to gain clarity of your IT architecture, evaluate it and solve one of the biggest and potentially hidden problems of your organization — tool sprawl. Gartner’s IOCS December 2019 Conference in Las Vegas talked extensively about tools, tools and more tools. There were over 130 vendors pitching their tools. Gartner’s research indicates that the typical company is spending about $1 million to monitor their IT infrastructure and applications. So while the cost of infrastructure is intending to decrease due to cloud computing, the cost of monitoring is not as more and more tools and applications are being added. If your company has hundreds of tools, then you’re definitely spending millions for monitoring. As more companies move toward cloud computing, they need a strategy that includes analyzing what tools they have in place today and how their tools portfolio addresses their needs for the future. 

Questions IT Executives are Asking

How many tools am I using? How much do they cost? If I need to retool my infrastructure how can I make data-driven decisions? And many feel simply overwhelmed by the complexity of finding answers. It’s daunting. It’s like living in a house for 20 years and then deciding to downsize; it’s hard to even know where to start. This is why you need a decision support engine like RedMonocle. We built a database that has profiled all your tools already. Whether your IT architecture is on-prem, cloud or hybrid, we can tell you with a couple clicks of the mouse what you need and what tools you need to take out. And we can provide actionable data in real-time. 

Creating a Monitoring Strategy

Gartner acknowledges that it is humanly impossible to look at and analyze the amount of data coming through your systems. To be successful, companies need analytics tools. According to Gartner, by 2023, I&O organizations implementing cloud provider and OSS monitoring technologies can reduce IT monitoring costs by 35 percent. But how do you know where you can reduce your costs? How do you know which IT tools to keep? And what IT tools to consolidate? How do you know how well your IT Tool Portfolio meets your organizations requirements? For most companies it would take assembling a large team, months of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars just to identify all of the tools, understand all their capabilities and analyze each one to determine their value based on function, cost and requirement fulfillment. An informal poll at the December conference revealed that more than a third of companies have more than 30 tools to monitor applications and IT infrastructure. And that’s only one slice of the pie. The level of energy it takes to identify, understand and analyze a complete IT Tool Portfolio has been unsurmountable in the past. But thanks to RedMonocle it isn’t anymore. 

As you look at your tools, you need to know if you are getting value from what you are spending and that there are no gaps or overlaps in coverage. At the Gartner IOCS Conference in December of 2019, Frederico De Silva from Gartner clearly expressed the importance of undertaking this endeavor in 2020. He stated that while this won’t be the least expensive endeavor you’ll undertake, it will be absolutely necessary “to deliver on the promise of digital transformation that your business is promising … you’re pressed to deliver more and more products in a faster way.” During his presentation, De Silva also said that it’s clear that the vast majority of IT Leaders are not ready to handle the IT monitoring needs of this rapidly changing and complex world. 

But here’s a secret…RedMonocle can simplify the entire process for your business. Gathering the data and creating the algorithms would take tremendous manpower, but we can do it for you for a fraction of the time. We can see what you’re spending on a specific tool and what value you’re getting out of it. Let’s say you know you have a help desk tool and it costs $1 million. We can tell you that this one help desk tool costs $1 million, it serves these primary functions, it aligns to these TBM cost towers and it has these 50 capabilities. We can also create transparency that allows you to see where your tools have gotten out of date and open you up to security risks. We can also show you where you’re missing out on the faster, newer technology that could save time and money. You might also find out that you have three applications that are essentially doing the same thing. RedMonocle will surface this data in a way that Executives can finally feel empowered to make decisions based on an objective analysis and remove the emotions from IT Tools Rationalization and IT Tools Consolidation. The end result is streamlining infrastructure, saving money and finally harnessing your IT architecture.

Action Plan 

De Silva sounded the alarm bell on taking control of your IT architecture and recommended IT Executives take these three steps, immediately:

Most companies just don’t have the ability to take action on these recommendations in a short amount of time. Further, once you create your tools inventory and capability matrix it will be out of date within a few months. The reason I created RedMonocle was because I recognized the need for continuous IT Tools Rationalization and that without a SaaS solution companies would never be able to keep up with the acceleration of change. I’ve never been more excited to be able to solve this problem. We just rolled out some new features that allow us to build out your first view combined with actionable data within 48 hours. That puts power back into the hands of IT Leadership and allows us to keep our eyes on the ball and focus on questions like, “where can our organization consolidate tools without sacrificing capabilities in our ever-changing environment?” “If we decide to centralize on one platform will it cause gaps in coverage?” “If I want to build out an AIOps strategy, what tools will I need and how does that compare to my existing infrastructure?” 

The simple truth is that IT Tools Rationalization just got EASY for IT Leaders who have RedMonocle on their side. With the rate of acceleration our industry is facing over the next 24 months, that’s a competitive advantage you can take to the bank. Our average customer who is spending $10 million + on IT Tools saves over $1.5 million in annual tool spend.  

RedMonocle is an IT decision support engine used by IT Executives who want continuous IT tools rationalization and consolidation capabilities.

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