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New RedMonocle Platform Features

August 1, 2019

In the past month, we’ve released new features in the RedMonocle platform.  As we’re continually working to improve the platform and experience for our customers, here’s an overview of key updates from our recent releases:


Simplify Requirements with Templates

While every business is unique, we noticed frequent occurrences in how certain requirements had their capabilities set. With enough research, Red Monocle has been able to craft many function templates. Selecting one of these templates will automatically configure that function. As always, you will retain the ability to continue editing your function beyond this template.

To apply a template to one of your functions, navigate to your Requirements tab and find the function that you wish to change.  Click on the ellipsis in the Actions column to the right and select Apply Template.  We are adding new function templates often, so we should have one that’s right for you.


Setting Capabilities in Style with the Top-Down View

It’s now easier to set your capabilities.  RedMonocle has simplified editing and initially setting your capabilities with the new top-down view.  Originally, capabilities for a product were all set one at a time – what we now call the bottom-up view. While this worked very well for products with no clear majority of status or coverage values, as the user was able to set them individually.

To access this new feature, open up any of the products in your portfolio (or create a new product).  Next, click on the Manage Capabilities link on the Capability Summary scorecard.  This will let you choose on what sort of coverage setting process you wish to endeavor.

With the top-down view, a user can select a status and coverage that works best for their situation, and then make any necessary changes (if any) through bottom-up.


Single Sign On Servers

As our customers have asked for improvements in security and convenience, RedMonocle has now integrated SSO options for customers. You are now able to provide multiple servers, dictating the names and types of the servers. Currently, we are supporting Google OAuth 2.0 and SAML v2 servers.

We have also introduced customized timeout options.  You can now set a number of hours, days, weeks, or months before users on your account are automatically signed out due to inactivity.  

Find all of your new SSO settings under the Settings tab.


Scenario Updates

When you create a new scenario, you may not want the scenario to update when changing your portfolio.  With one of the main uses for a scenario is to compare scenarios with certain portfolio changes, we found having several scenarios updating creating more confusion and hassle.  As such, we have altered scenarios to update only when specifically requested to do so. 


RedMonocle is constantly making improvements to the platform.  Learn more about new features in the documentation section.