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RedMonocle Feature Update: Notifications and Metric Calculation Controls

August 29, 2019

RedMonocle released two new features for customers on the RedMonocle platform. These features can help you better manage your IT tools portfolio and communicate its current state. Check out the latest features of “Notifications” and “Metric Calculation Controls” in this blog post. 



Notifications are a valuable way to keep everyone updated on the state of your IT tools portfolio. 

Customers are able to configure notifications for their users. Options are provided for keeping everyone in the “know” about updates to the platform and knowledge base as well as the account’s portfolio metrics. Users can individually control their notifications from Profile under the Settings tab. 

We invite you to try the new Notifications feature and see how it can help you reduce your tool sprawl!

Metric Calculation Controls

On your dashboard, you will find something new in the upper right corner: Metric Calculation Controls. To avoid delays updating your metrics with multiple changes, metrics will be recalculated ten minutes after your last change. In this part of the screen, you will find the timer or a checkmark representing that your metrics have all been updated.

Users can still request an update to start now. In the same collection of buttons in the upper-right, you will still be able to click on the triangle to Update Now to immediately run all metrics updates. 

You can also change how long the system waits before updating from Account under the Settings tab.