As Digital Transformation happens, will you be ready to manage IT?

This changes everything

You’ve Got Burning Questions

Are we spending more than we should? Are we meeting our requirements for capabilities? Where should we be investing our money to meet our emerging needs? Are we getting the best bang for our buck? Where should we stop investing money?

RedMonocle has your answers.

RedMonocle’s continuous IT tools rationalization platform allows you to optimize your IT portfolio to maximize your ROI…while mitigating your security risk.

Streamline Operations

  • Eliminate tool redundancies
  • Identify gaps in coverage
  • Perform "what-if” scenarios for new tools
How It Works

Plan for Growth

  • Better align investments in tools with current and emerging needs
  • Prepare your organization for digital transformation
  • Pinpoint which tools present security risks
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Portfolio Management with RedMonocle

A Global Financial Institution has struggled for years with Tool Sprawl, managing a complex set of Infrastructure & Operations tools.




Tools 22

Eliminated 22 tools due to capability overlaps and leveraged underutilized tools to fill gaps.




Decreased annual spend by 17% saving over $4M in annual license, support and infrastructure costs.




Increased Portfolio efficiency to 92% meeting more requirements and filling coverage gaps.